Gdańsk, Czyżewskiego 31A


Gdańsk, Czyżewskiego 31A

Natural grade

These quiet apartments in the Gdansk Oliwa district are placed between two, entirely different worlds.

Meet investment

On one side, one may find a huge forest, with numerous pathways and hidden secrets, on the other, there is the largest office district in existence, in Northern Poland. Designed to rest at a slow pace, but launch quickly to face new challenges.

Entering a forest, placed in the middle of a city feels as if it was a transition to another dimension. It is like a fresh cool green breeze on a hot summer day. Windless calmness, covered by snow. The forest retains its energy and rhythm. The forest we are referring to is the Tricity Landscape Park, right next to the Antracyt apartments.


Focus Enhanced

This is a space, where the thoughts slow down and become denser.
In the clean space, the thoughts get a chance to rest. Leaving the city noise several hundred meters back, one may feel the calm beat of one’s heart and become reunited with one’s body.


Energy to do More

350 meters from the Grunwaldzka Alley, being the main artery between Gdańsk and Sopot.
Unique location, next to the forest, and with easy access to the vivid, business part of the city, the Sea, Oliwa Park, Ergo Arena,
or all of the Sopot’s entertainment.

Eyecatching Shine

Stepping beyond the composition, uncovering new layers of architecture. Antracyt looks closely at cuts and divisions, asks you to notice the hidden details, and plays with the contrast and lines. It is a rough design, the classic form of which remains unmoved by fashion or influence.


A Well-defined Monolith

Moderna Design designer team consists of master architects, specializing in interior and building design, and project management and coordination. Design is a unique value and Moderna places it at the very top. The in-house team at the design studio takes care of the implementation of every inch of their vision. Moderna Garden, meanwhile, remains responsible for the top quality of the green areas. The construction works are handled by a general contractor of our own.




number of storeys


overground storeys


sq. m. of gardens area

  • Long panoramic windows
  • Large loggias and balconies
  • Spacious bike garage
  • Intimate recreational area in the courtyard

Unbroken in simplicity

A good design translates into function and longevity. Elegant minimalism and sophistication derived from order. Quality that stands the test of time. The know-how and experience of our designers have both been used in the process of creating a space that lets one recover energy, as it allows them to conduct a search for new deposits.


Noble materials derived from nature: stone and oak wood; create timeless interiors of impressive durability and long-lasting personality, as if they were a part of the forest and the Sea, keeping the Antracyt in a safe embrace. Discrete lighting is reflected by the smooth mirror surfaces, accenting the subtle patterns of stone floors.



Our idea of Superior Living has been an inspiration for market wide unique services where comfort is the number one priority.

Procuring a premium apartment is, usually, the first step along the way. Depending on the purpose, the further steps focus on maximizing either comfort or profit.

Modernism is a solution focused on function, comfort, and compliance with the needs. We have designed a top-level premium service, following our beliefs outlined above.

Moderna_Apartamenty Antracyt_Apartament Pokazowy_Sypialnia_01

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