Warszawa, Al. Solidarności 153


Warszawa, Al. Solidarności 153

As if it always has been here

New apartments in Warsaw

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Timeless design in attractive business location, where every minute counts. Cleanliness, elegance, aesthetics of contemporary modernism, and the noble facade made out of Bavarian Jurassic stone, coming from the period 145 million years ago.

Chronos will fill in the blank space of the street. Filling the gap left by the vintage tenement house. In a natural, sophisticated, and elegant way. As if it has always been here.

The Chronos’s silhouette filling in the gap in the frontage introduces a well-arranged rhythm. The regular sectioning of the facade replicates the legacy elegance of this portion of the city. The retracted top facades correspond with the natural arrangement of the frontage, and a clear separation of the first two stories is a tribute paid to the typical style of the Warsaw tenement houses.





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Stone facade, more durable than time. Cleanliness, elegance, aesthetics of contemporary modernism.

Architecture that can stand the test of time. Good taste, always current.

The southern face of Chronos features big glass surfaces, balconies, loggias, and terraces, with glass balustrades – inviting the light into the apartments.

On the upper floors, one may admire a unique view of the green color of the nearby trees forming the skyline together, with the Wola and Midtown skyscrapers.

The textures inside also change, symbolizing the passage of time.

The graphite corridors, with a soft floor lining and durable vinyl covering of the walls.

Ponadczasowy styl

Chronos pays a tribute to the style of old tenement houses, in a modern, yet mellow manner.

he designers went to great lengths to achieve their main objective: make the creation elegant. The sophisticated, timeless, elegant, and representative form has been adopted, to create modernist functionalism. It encompasses harmony, without flamboyant decorations and stylish overdoing.


Age of business

The business portion of the Wola district is often compared to London City
or Manhattan in New York. It offers 1.7 million square meters of office area.

It seems like business has been an omnipresent element of the Wola district forever, but in the recent years it was really growing. A quarter of the Warsaw’s office space is located here. Chronos is located right between the Daszynski and the ONZ roundabouts – exactly mid-way. Near those roundabouts, most of the Wola skyscrapers are located. Regardless of traffic, you can reach those locations in 5 to 12 minutes with a car, 5 minutes on a bike/electric scooter, or 15 minutes when you decide to take a walk.

When every minute counts

Everybody would appreciate living in the heart of the unfolding events. This is just a matter of time. One cannot dig for it.

One cannot collect it. One cannot transfer, stop, give away, or receive it, in a direct form. It has become a new currency for the people. Thus, it is so important to find oneself in a place, where everything important remains within reach. The proximity of what’s relevant translates into independence from the fourth dimension.

Pokaż w Google Maps
  • Kilka minut do stacji metra Rondo ONZ, Rondo Daszyńskiego i Ratusz Arsenał
  • 800 metrów do Warsaw Spire, blisko do pozostałych największych biurowców warszawskiej Woli
  • 7 minut autem do Starego Miasta, Ogrodu Saskiego oraz Ogrodu Krasińskich
  • 10 minut pieszo do Hali Mirowskiej i Parku Mirowskiego
  • 7 minut autem do Pałacu Kultury, dworca Warszawa Centralna, Parku Świętokrzyskiego i Złotych Tarasów
  • Ponad 90 restauracji i kawiarni w promieniu kilometra





Commercial premises


overground storeys


underground storeys

Functional, any second

  • Apartment ceiling height higher than standard - ranging from 270 to 380 centimeters
  • A/C system ducts connected to the apartments
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • High levels of soundproofing
  • CCTV in the shared areas
  • 138 bicycle parking bays

Impressive, right from the start

The impressive, tall glass surface of the facade on the Chronos’s ground floor attracts the eye of the beholder and generates appreciation.

The representative profile of this location is emphasized by the vast glass area, tasty lighting and, the covering of the entrance area in natural stone. Inside, one may find the concierge desk.


Time for Nature

Inside Chronos, we meet materials that have been with us ever since – stone and wood.

Natural stone, of varying structure and colors, is fused with dark oak wood. The textures inside also change, symbolizing the passage of time. Details signify the modern times – the space is complemented with led lighting and subtle metal elements. You can be slow here, as the elevator traveling at a fast pace of 1.6 meters per second would bring you up quickly. To the stylish, graphite corridors, with a soft floor lining and durable vinyl covering of the walls.


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