More than a developer

We believe that being a developer covers the areas located far beyond erection of the new structures. Our work is focused on creation of the future, and this is realized by ambitious goals.

Moderna is a team of professionals operating on the development market for over two decades. As a Moderna company, we create timeless, luxury properties since 2009. The company that implements functional and unique investments was created from the rich experience and passion for the architecture style of Gdynia modernism.

For our developments we choose the most desirable addresses in the country. We effectively determine locations with high potential, which in the long-term gain in desirability. We plan every detail with respect for the local history and the natural surroundings.

The best locations

The address is the prestige of the property.
Therefore, Moderna implements investments exclusively in the best locations.

We choose the most desirable addresses in Poland for our investments. Prestigious location only complements the top level of comfort associated with the given real estate. Flat with a view overlooking the sea, direct access to the highlights of Sopot or the Palace of Culture and Science just a few minutes away – this kind of freedom is priceless! We highly value the comfort of living in the very heart of the city, good access to the most important location and everyday destinations located at your fingertips.

We accurately find locations that offer significant growth potential and that would become more attractive in a longer run. Due to that reason the value of our investments tends to grow. The unique locations often require us to adopt a responsible approach. We plan each and every detail respecting the historical background and the environment within which the given place is embedded. We finalize investments for demanding customers with top level of diligence, so that they meet the top requirements also acting as an element that complements the given location.

The Moderna company is run by a team of professionals,
all of whom have been active within the developer market for more than two decades now.

Full involvement, passion and being driven towards achievement of the best quality available – these features characterize our employees who are one of our main advantageous assets within the market.

Moderna’s value is being created thanks to its employees, possessing high level of qualifications within the scope of investment design and implementation. We also deal with financing and construction works supervision. These specialized qualifications, fused with shared ambitions, make it possible for Moderna to undertake initiatives that are so bold.

Thanks to the fact that we support good attitude, our team is highly effective and motivated. Moderna gathers a team of diligent partners, with considerable and rich market experience. We work only with reliable and proven subcontractors. Thanks to the above, our investments are realized on time, according to the latest standards.

Moderna Powiśle

Essence of modernism

Inspired with the Gdynian modernism, we create modern, functional and well-thought-over investments, meeting the needs of the users.

Modernism, according to its basic guidelines, shall provide everybody with light, space and comfort. The form of the building shall be purely functional, at the same time it should be maintaining the aesthetic and economical features. Modernism in Gdynia is evidenced by clarity of the bright facades, transparent and well-organized architectural and maritime-driven inspirations, as well as the reserved decorations of the buildings. Modernism creates usable, coherent and modern space for all of the citizens. The Gdynia “Białe Miasto” (“White City”) modernism style is recognized all around the world, as it creates a special, dynamic and practical architectural profile.

The inspirations taken straight from the Gdynia modernism are visible also beyond the field of architecture, within the operations carried out by Moderna. Modernism is, above all, focused on functionality. This style always meant that the attitude is modern. It always replicated some way of thinking related to the top usability and the highest level of comfort. The investments carried out by Moderna are modernistic, but these investments also follow the spirit and temperament of that style. Good planning and quick implementation of the investments, along with utilization of the best materials available constitute a unique guarantee of quality.

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