Courageously Stepping Towards Advancement

Some people take everything that life has to offer. These people think more clearly, look further, know more. These people have the courage needed to change the world. Their imagination is the only limit for them. These people give a lot, but also demand a lot. They do not accept any compromises. Best is what satisfies them. The people who deserve more.

Having them in our minds, we create our investments.

The Best Locations

The address bears a decisive value for the prestigious nature of the real property.
This is why Moderna creates its investments exclusively when they go together with the best locations.

Moderna Holding’s 10th Anniversary
Investments Appreciated

Each of the investments we have carried so far
was awarded and appreciated within the market.

Premium solutions

We approach the investments in a manner that is comprehensive.
We also render modern services providing the user with the top level of comfort.

Apartment Arrangements
Complex Rent Management
Garden design

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 45
00-347 Warszawa
+48 222 903 309
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Szafarnia 6 lok. 1U
80-755 Gdańsk
+48 585 733 733
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Pl. Kaszubski 7 lok. 1
81-350 Gdynia
+48 585 733 733
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