Model M

The Model M finish is a high standard finish by Moderna, ready to move-in.

The apartments offered have a sophisticated finishing of higher standard. At the moment of hand off the walls will be smooth and painted, the floors will be laid, doors installed, and, kitchen and bathroom – will be ready.

This unique finishing standard is available in the new SCALA Apartaments offer – the investment is located in the heart of Gdansk.

Model M

This shortens the time from delivery to the moment of moving in, saving time and eliminating stress, and neighbour nuisance associated with finishing works. Also, the return of investment will be quicker, if you buy a flat to rent it out.

The finishing is available in three timeless styles
designed to match a broad range of arrangements.

Select your style


Modern personality, minimalist, simple form with black and white theme.
Scandinavian elegance, full of brightness.
Sophisticated, classic, cozy and timeless personality of the interiors.