Moderna Powiśle

Warszawa, Zajęcza 1A

Moderna Powiśle

Warszawa, Zajęcza 1A

New space of Powisle

Apartments in Warsaw Powisle

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MODERNA POWIŚLE rises in the most fashionable part of Śródmieście, on the border between the zone of stunning contemporary architecture, concentrated at the Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, and the area of ​​compact, urban building, woven from narrow streets and proportional buildings.

Where space opens

We have designed 51 modern, comfortable apartments in it: 49 one-level and 2 two-level ones.

Stand on the bank of the Powiśle Vistula river and watch for a while – it is easy to imagine there is no one and nothing around. Just the sky, greenery, air and the broad ever changing flow of the current. Thoughts then go silent, breath slows, time dissolves and the world seems a simpler and friendlier place. Less than 300 steps from here MODERNA POWIŚLE is emerging.


A subtle fusion

Powiśle attracts change and draws more and more courage from its own cultural wealth.

Our development is being created on the border between a zone of stunning contemporary architecture on Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie Street and an area of compact, urban housing, forged from narrow streets and proportionate buildings. In MODERNA POWIŚLE these two worlds are connected by spirit and matter: we embrace a fragment of the pre-war history of Powiśle and bring it back-transformed – to the present.

  • 2 minutes to metro station
  • In the vicinity of the Vistula Boulevards and the University of Warsaw Library
  • Powiśle Power Plant on the other side of the street
  • 20 minutes to the Old Town

Investment metric




commercial premises




underground floors + 44 parking spots

Finish characteristics


The architecture of modernism puts the quality of life in the foreground – the beauty here is not the ultimate goal but the effect of harmony between man and space.

This philosophy is an inspiration in each of our developments: from the choice of location, through architectural vision, the dynamics of its implementation, careful selection of finishing materials, to the diligence of workmanship.


A seperate reality

Between the wide waters of the river and the green buffer of the Vistula embankment, nestled by the side of the capital city’s centre which races towards the sky, a world with its own distinct identity has emerged.

A world full of breath and air where the impetus of intellect, creativity and action is a good companion of fun and relaxation.

Własna tożsamość

The simplicity of luxury

The corridors and stairs are submerged in succulent and deep greenery, retained in elegant, minimalist forms.

The common space of MODERNA POWIŚLE explores the luxurious trend of modernism with courage and intuition, drawing inspiration from the proximity of the Vistula and the dynamics of the element of water.

Moderna Powiśle – Warszawa

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