Moderna Design

Designed for you

We will create a space of your dreams for you, harmonized with your personality and expectations and in line with the adopted schedule and budget.

Our designers work in many styles, however, they always pursue the modernist idea of functionality, high quality and aesthetics. We offer finishing support, up to the ready-to-move-in level, based on design dialogue and complete execution control. You may be assured – your vision will most certainly become reality.

Moderna Design - Aranżacja apartamentów

A Special Team of Designers

Moderna Design team comprises of architects with rich educational background and many years of experience in interior design.

Moderna Design - Aranżacja apartamentów
Complete Compliance

We take your individual needs into the account, at the design stage, tailoring the standard to your requirements and your budget.

We engage in a true dialogue at every stage of the process. This makes it possible to create a design that would fully meet your expectations, thanks to consultations involving you, the buyer. We consult the assumptions early, at the stage of construction works. This allows us to tailor the apartment to be as close to your vision as possible.

A cost review is created at the beginning of the design works, along with the scope of activities and schedule that we closely follow. We communicate any changes in a transparent and diligent manner. This makes it possible for you to gain full control over the standard of the materials used, and over the work progress.

Moderna Design - Apartament Oliwski Park

Execution Confidence


We work with proven contractors that offer top quality at a preferential price. We are involved in every stage of creating your apartment. This makes it possible to diligently control the progress and to conduct a comprehensive handing off procedure. Thanks to the above you may be certain that the final result would be unmatched.

Praska Moderna - Wnętrza

Team of contractors of our own, our own wood-work and upholstery workshops, our own metallurgy art experts, construction teams and cleaning service will make your vision come true. This provides us with a full control of the process at preferential rate, with consistent, yet unmatched quality.

Praska Moderna - Wnętrza
Transparent Conditions

The individual offer consists of modules that allow one to have a clear look at the costs.

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