Moderna Garden

Blooming space to rest

The blossoming area of park life, yet full of respect for the human needs, getting people closer to nature, giving them a space to breathe, to get away from the dynamic character of the contemporary times. Leaves moved by the wind, smell of flowers and grass, eye-soothing nature. Moderna Garden creates relaxing and well-arranged green spaces in urban environments.

The most important design assumption for us is to make the green areas have a natural appearance, making references to the heritage of the given space, yet creating a pleasant and harmonious landscape when fused with the architecture.

Moderna Garden - Projektowanie zieleni

Garden and Green Area Designs

We develop comprehensive landscape designs, taking into the account the garden lightings, water systems and garden furniture. Our arrangement plans can be tailored to small terraces and gardens on the rooftops, or to fit whole housing estates.


Moderna Garden - Projektowanie zieleni

Project Implementation

We import the plants, also working on pre-planting preparation. We create roll-out and sow-lawns. We install mole-nets, automatic hydration systems, electrical systems and water systems. We arrange alleys and install the garden furniture. We coordinate the execution and the performance of work, within the framework of the assumed budget.

Moderna Garden - Projektowanie zieleni

Cultivation of the Green Areas

Designing and creating the park spaces is just the beginning of the whole process. At Moderna Garden we know what we should do to properly take care of the plants, so that they remain healthy and bring joy to the eyes of the residents. Within the framework of our cultivation services we perform all of the required work and we also build and manage hydration and fertilization systems and we install the lawn-moving robots.

Front Park - Apartamenty Gdańsk

Restoration of the Existing Gardens

We deeply believe that any green area should stand a chance to blossom. We change dry, unused, uncultivated land into rich and blossoming gardens. We work both on the plants, as well as on the required arrangement and construction changes within the given space.

Front Park - Apartamenty Gdańsk

Green Projects

Oliwski Park

The space of the estate draws from the park heritage of this location. It pays a proper tribute to the legacy of the space. 5,250 plants have been planted between the buildings.

The space has been designed in a manner that clearly is inspired by the Japan garden of the Oliwa Park. But it is not a direct extension of that space. The plants are far more varied, and arranged in a manner that brings the garden to life during any of the seasons. The plants blossom all year long.

Rhododendrons, Japanese azaleas and magnolias reign over the garden from the early spring. In the summer, the space is taken over by blossoming hostas and dropworts. In the autumn, the whole garden is dominated by the grass that makes the whole garden seem light and airy. The space is also filled with Japanese maples, “Nivaki” pines, “Crimson Sentry” maples, “Frans Fontaine” hornbeams and yews.

Moderna Garden - Projektowanie zieleni
Front Park

Each of the Front Park corners is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Alleys, a lot of vegetation, benches, lighting and a fountain will all emerge within the area.

The whole estate will be filled with lovely street architecture, as benches, trees, bushes and lamp-posts have been arranged in between the buildings.

Moderna Garden - Projektowanie zieleni

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