Gdańsk, Łąkowa 60C


Gdańsk, Łąkowa 60C

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Apartaments in the City Center of Gdansk

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No other city embraces change as bravely, as Gdańsk does. Absolute intention to gain freedom, drive to run business and trade, and resilience – strong enough to face any challenge.

This translates into the creation of the future. Understanding its own heritage, respecting nature. With courageous storytelling. Following the Gdansk-specific beliefs, Scala apartments can be found in the city center, where the size of undertakings places the new quality of life at the very top of the list.


Catalog of Highlights

Gdansk is full of concerts, exhibitions, spectacles, sporting events, dance parties, culinary meetings, expos, conferences, and workshops.


Have a look around the St. Dominic’s fair, organized for hundreds of years. Admire the remarkable actors, during the Shakespearean Festival, or during FETA, the Open Air and Street Theater Festival. Visit a different restaurant or café, every day. Do some sightseeing, visit the Museum of Amber, the European Solidarity Center, or the WW2 Museum. Walk along the Długie Pobrzeże, take a yacht or kayak trip, visit the observation wheel. Take a rest.


Scala apartments located in the city center give you freedom of being where everything happens, yet they provide you a place to relax, in the park-like estate, separated from the main tourist routes.


Depth of Heritage

A city older than 1000 years, visited by millions of tourists, with diversity, expressed through heritage, history, innovation, and business.

Beautiful, sandy beaches, magnificent sights of the city center, industrial shipyard area, modern office buildings. A mosaic of life ideas, freedom of transforming one’s vision into a tangible reality.

From narrow streets to the space and breath of the sea. From haute couture to easy entertainment. From urban energy to everyday human kindness. This is a city to live in!


Accessibility of Transportation

By plane, by a train, by a suburban train, by a tram, by a bus, by a car, on a bicycle, on a scooter, or on foot.
You’ll have access to means of transportation of any size.

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  • Alongside the main route, but far away from traffic and the rush of tourism.
  • With easy access to Długie Ogrody and Podwale Przedmiejskie.
  • Right alongside the main routes of the main part of the city, the Spichrze Island, the Długi Targ, and the Długie Pobrzeże
  • In three minutes you’ll reach a place where you’ll be surrounded by historic tenement houses along the Motlawa River.
  • Taking a 10 minutes walk in the other direction you’d feel peace and relax – among the historic strongholds.
  • Along the way, you’ll do your shopping, eat a tasty breakfast at a cozy restaurant or have ice cream at a traditional craft parlor.

Investment metric


buildings from 3 to 6 floors




apartments, from 25 to 121 m square footage


premises, from 28 to 207 m square footage

Apartments of an unprecedented format

Spectrum of Nature

In the space of the estate, cozy, green alleys are created, along with rich plant arrangements, paying a tribute to the legacy gardens.

More than 4,500 new plants are going to be planted here, creating harmonious, green surroundings between the buildings. Among those, noble species can be found that historically were a decoration of the streets of Gdansk.


Pallete of Skill

Colorful, narrow tenement houses, granaries, castle towers, churches, impressive buildings made out of bricks. A huge amount of detail recorded in the history of the city, as the years went by.


The Scala’s architecture pays a modern interpretative tribute to the heritage of the Gdansk midtown. The facade is covered with handmade ceramics, thus the building can be easily associated with the legacy brick-laid structures. The contemporary form creatively explores the historic styles of Gdansk architecture.

The details make references to the random layout of the bricks, reflecting on the old vertical and horizontal divisions of the elevation, windows, and decorative components. Different forms of balcony finish, green terraces at the top level, and the high profile of the underground floor altogether form the building’s personality. Each of the Scala buildings has its own, distinct detailing.

Scala Apartamanty – Close up 3

of Comfort

The apartments offered have a sophisticated finishing of a higher standard. At the moment of hand-off, the walls will be smooth and painted, the floors will be laid, doors installed, and, kitchen and bathroom – will be ready.

Scala is an entirely new dimension of investment. Instead of shell and core, the owners will get Model M finish – a high standard by Moderna, ready to move-in.

The finishing is available in three timeless styles designed to match a broad range of arrangements.



Modern personality, minimalist, simple form with black and white theme.




Sophisticated, classic, cozy and timeless personality of the interiors.




Scandinavian elegance, full of brightness.

1 – Room 515 – 832 k PLN 2 – Rooms 786 – 1 177 k PLN 3 – Rooms 1 029 – 1 805 k PLN 4 – Rooms 1 620 – 2 091 k PLN 5 – Rooms 1 720 k PLN

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