Praska Moderna

Warszawa, Targowa 23

Praska Moderna

Warszawa, Targowa 23

A new chapter of the Prague story

Apartments Warsaw Praga district

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Praska Moderna is a modern investment inspired by the charisma of the pre-war character that the Warsaw’s Praga district exhibits.

We have designed 35 modern and functional apartments within that space:
32 two-level lofts and 3 one-level apartments.

Targowa Street is an urban phenomenon

A poignant, thoroughly authentic downtown landscape has been developing from the compact procession of tenements, some of which were built during the partitions of Poland.

The courageous silhouette of Praska Moderna has emerged in this environment, and although its restrained, bright façade respects the urban rhythm of the western frontage, this open, modernist form attracts attention, difficult to disregard by passers-by.


Praska Moderna is within a 3-minute walk from the nearest metro station and in the next four minutes you can find yourself in the bustling Nowy Świat.

Praga itself is becoming more and more cycle friendly: with the increasing number of paths, contraflow lanes and dozens of Veturilo city bike stations (the nearest 4 minutes away). Nearby tram and bus stops support several lines each. Journeys outside the city have an equally easy start: the Warszawa Wschodnia railway station is a 5-minute walk away.

Vienna’s Mariahilf, Amsterdam-Noord, Warsaw’s Praga

These districts were in the top ten European “coolest neighbourhoods” published by The Independent

For Warsaw’s Praga the time for new people and new ideas has begun. An unstoppable stream of life pours in, thirsty for authenticity, delighted with the scenography of tenement houses, courtyards, gates, chapels and cobbled streets unscathed during the war.


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commercial premises




underground floor + 14 parking spots

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