Bank Polski 1929

Gdynia, 10 Lutego 18A

Bank Polski 1929

Gdynia, 10 Lutego 18A

Apartments in the splendor of a masterpiece

Comfort living space in City Center of Gdynia

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Coherence between the past and the future, sophisticated simplicity, and human-urban harmony. These are the driving values we adopted, when we were creating the vision of a new space in the heart of Gdynia, the exclusive Bank Polski 1929 complex.

Apartaments are placed within seven overground floors located in the contemporary section of the complex. (The ground floor is going to be used by shops, service rendering facilities, commercial facilities and restaurants, as the city center profile dictates). Parking space is located on the two floors underground.

Bank Moderna 6

In the vicinity of Gdynia’s masterpiece, Bank of Poland

Shine of the Marble

It is elegant and monumental when seen from the outside. Its bright and glazed facade has been carefully embedded within the architecturally perfect surroundings. The modernist apartment building maintains a proud conversation with the main style of the representative street of Gdynia.

Bank Moderna 1

The highest comfort of living

The inner part of 10 Lutego street headed towards the sea is the main expression of the Gdynia’s midtown personality.

The walls of the proud tenement houses create a reference to the interwar splendor. The modest expressiveness of the modernist facades provides a hide for spaces that inspire awe due to their elegance and comfy finish.

Reclaimed treasure

This is where the Bank Polski 1929 investment shines
Apartments located in a new, modernism-inspired building, along with a hotel and a restaurant placed inside the historical bank palace.

Starting from 1929, it has been projecting stability and prosperity all around, attracting people who were brave enough to dream big. The revolving oak doors led those people through a marble vestibule into a gorgeous piano nobile. Here, under a cross vault supported by slim columns, hundreds of brave, outreaching ideas of the Gdynian entrepreneurs and investors were born.


And then, one year, the Bank ceased to be a bank.

Its strongroom became empty, the revolving doors were no longer moving. The sophisticated art déco interior was only alive in the memories. The urban energy no longer emanated inside. Now it returns to where it originally belonged.

Treasures and secrets of that formerly flamboyant interior will once again become accessible, while the glow of the original terrazzo facade will again shine bright over the Gdynian streets.


Bank Polski 1929 – Interiors 1

Investment characteristics


apartments 29 m2 – 117 m2


commercial premises 65 m2 – 323 m2


Overground storeys


Underground storeys + 65 parking spots

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