Oliwa 501

Gdańsk, Al. Grunwaldzka 501

Oliwa 501

Gdańsk, Al. Grunwaldzka 501

Business Thrives in Oliwa

An intimate office building in Al. Grunwaldzka 501,
perfectly blending in, in the main axis of the city of Gdansk
with a unique historic Oliwa spirit added to it.

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Surrounded by the noble Oliwa architecture. Following the style of vintage, intimately arranged legacy tenement houses. In the most modern business district of Gdansk. Within the district, that develops at a rapid pace. Perfectly connected.

Intimacy in the Heart of Events

The closeness of the urban train station that also handles railway connections between the cities, closeness to the Oliwa tram reversing loop, availability of bike paths, and routes – these features rarely can be ascribed to office buildings or office centers.

Just 300 meters from Oliwa Park, the most recognizable green area in Tri-City – the park can be viewed out of the windows of the building, inviting you to take a walk and relax.


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Offices with a Spirit of History

The project was created at the Grupa 5 Architekci design studio in Warsaw. It was also supervised by the Pomeranian Voivodeship Conservator.

As the facade of the building adjacent to the Aleja Grunwaldzka is expected to feature canted roofs and classic groove usually associated with the tenement houses, the Poczta Gdanska and Majkowskiego streets side would be different, paying a tribute to the wooden bay windows and porches, so peculiar for the intimate, vintage architecture present here.

Respecting the Heritage

For the sake of reducing the scale and fitting the building within the rhythm of parcels, compliant with the legacy division, the body of the building also features verandas, gaps, and recesses – paying tribute to the wooden elements of the neighboring villas.

The roofs and frontages line of the Grunwaldzka Alley is continued and features a fluid transition, thanks to the hiding of the top floor of the building behind a tall, ceramic roof structure.


Two Faces of Gdansk-Oliwa

On one hand, we witness the history, natural peace, and intimacy. On the other, Oliwa is the most vividly developing, rushing business center in northern Poland. Thousands of square meters of office space are created here every year. And they do not stay vacant for too long, rapidly gaining tenants.

The Grunwaldzka 501 office building is pretty much like a gateway, between these two worlds. It offers a modern, friendly space embedded in an inspiring scenery, with its skillful, tasty architecture.


Oliwa Work-Life Balance

Thinking of the Oliwa citizens and the building users, the inside patio has been designed, brought to life with plants creating a pleasant microclimate. The patio’s role is analogous to the one associated with an ancient atrium – it brings the life within the building together. Here is where the paths of the building users, citizens, and visitors cross.

The patio is a peaceful point in the rushing city axis that also would become a garden space for the food court that is expected to be established here.


Investment characteristics


m2 investment space


m2 offices space




parking spots


  • Electric cars charging point
  • Bike, moped, and motorcycle parking space
  • Building accessible for the physically challenged
  • Ergonomic design making the building friendly to the users
  • High quality finish, intimate atmosphere
  • Intimate office building
Floor plan

7 commercial

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29 office space

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8 office space

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8 office space

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