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Complex Rent Management

Commercial areas and rent management services

Comprehensive commercial property management, apartments management and commercialization. We work for more than 300 entities, managing more than 26 thousand square meters of real property – belonging to us and assigned to us by the actual owners.

Moderna Concierge

Real Property Management Experts

Moderna Profit deals with property management – in long-term and short-term settings. The service is a comprehensively rendered one, both within the scope of finding a tenant, as well as within the scope of financials, technical matters and cleaning. The owner does not have to worry about any responsibilities related to the rental matters. The management takes over the tenant communications completely. Our team also works towards maintaining the value of the asset they are taking care of at a top level.

Oliwa 505 – Gdańsk Oliwa – Grunwaldzka

Management of Commercial Premises

Moderna Profit also deals with commercial and restaurant premises management in case of the Moderna Holding’s investments in Tri-City and in Warsaw.

Moderna Profit also deals with management and commercialization of office areas. The portfolio includes own investments, namely Xenon, Oliwa 501 and Oliwa 505, as well as areas handed off for management and commercialization by an external customer – the Kokoszki Office.

Moderna Concierge services include management in the following domains:

  • Finances – settlement, budgeting, reporting;
  • Administration – representation, keeping records, making and settling claims, rent management, reporting in real time;
  • Infrastructure – maintenance, documentation, administration of faults, repairs and renovations, technical audit, fire prevention management, keeping the premises clean, waste management, winter service.

Oliwa 505 – Gdańsk Oliwa – Grunwaldzka

Oliwa 501

Administrative Management

We offer prestigious premises tailored to serve commercial or service-rendering role. Each of the premises has a perfect location in the very heart of the city, with high traffic and easy access.

“It is worth to note it once again, our brave plans, and the implementation – that has been even braver, would not have been possible without a harmonious and, year by year, month by month, increasingly better cooperation with the Moderna company. The quality of that cooperation has proven to be unmatched especially in the current times, challenging for any entrepreneur, where we feel sympathy and positive support provided by Moderna – and we are very grateful for that”.

Dr n. med. Ewa Chomik i Dr n. med. Piotr Chomik.
Noir Dental Clinic is a multi-specialization dental clinic in Gdansk, in Al. Grunwaldzka, within the Oliwa 505 investment.

Commercial Premises

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